Residents of Dragonspire

»Half-Elf, Non-Combatant, Photographer, Queen Consort
Danae Hawke
»Elf, Archery, Realm Quartermaster
Woodland elf and would be khaleesi if only she could find some dragons. Prefers to go by the name of Hawke. Stumbled upon the realm of Dragonspire in early fall of 2015 and has quickly become a loyal member who works hard to make #dragonspiregreatagain. Prefers to defend the realm with her faithful bow. That is until she finds those dragons then it's burn, baby, burn.
Ignathis Nachtfeuer
»Human. Sword & Shield/ Polearm, Member of The Company
Ignathis is a fighter and head chef for the company who has traveled through the mists to test his skills against the fighters of Dragonspire.
Sir Istvan Toth called Hammersbane
»Human, Red/Sword & Shield, Dragonguard, Founder & Former Regent

Hungarian knight, errant wanderer and founder of Dragonspire. Loyal member of the Dragonguard.

"My wife, Beringaria, and I have been involved in LARP activities for longer than some of our members have been alive. We have seen Dagorhir develop in some amazing ways as people improve their equipment and the events in more and more creative ways with no reward other than the realm and organization becoming even better."

»Human, Red (Glaive), Member of Dragonguard
Been fighting about a year and a half.
Sir Knurlan
»Human, Red Fighter, Head Herald
Mercenary turned knight. Been fighting for 5 years. Notable titles include keeper of the honey badger. Knighted at Oktoberfest 2015
» Human, Sword & Shield, Member of Fighting Squirrels
Squire Marik
»Human, Sword & Shield/Spear, Member of Path of the Dragon, Member of Hellhammer, Head Weapons Checker
Fighting 6 years
Sir Quinton
»Elf, Spear, Member of Talons Inc
Been fighting since 2008. Has achieved knighthood within the realm of Dragonspire.
»Human (Viking), Sword & Shield/ Spear
Viking leather armorsmith and merchant turned sellsword. Will fight for Wenches, Booze and Achemical Supplies. Dislikes nobles and braggarts.
»Treant, Sword & Shield, Member of Talons Inc
Vareg Dragon
»Human, Sword & Shield, Member of Talcons Inc, Realm Treasurer

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