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Welcome To Dragonspire

Dragonspire is a realm of Dagorhir Battle Games. Within our realm you will find a host of avid crossgamers and we welcome those from all foam backgrounds be they Dagorhir, Belegarth, or one of the other foam fighting games out there. We use the rules of Dagorhir at local practice and our events. You can find a copy of the Manual of Arms for Dagorhir here.

As a realm we often attend Belegarth events, as well as Dagorhir ones, and visit nearby Belegarth realms so it may be of interest to read up on their rules as well. If you'd like to review the rules of Belegarth you may do so here or download a copy here

What is Dagorhir

In 1977 a group of college kids, fans of Lord of the Rings and medieval history , thought it would be cool to get together and have battles with foam padded weapons and thus Dagorhir was born. The weapons back then were club-like, clunky and down right scary. Now better supplies are available and are relatively cheap. You can make a basic sword for $10-20. If you are just starting out we have community weapons for you to use. Members of our realm are happy to help you build your first weapons, plus there are a number of resources online to build many different weapon types.

Now it's not all about weapons, there's wearing of period clothing, meeting great people, having fun, deciding a persona name, developing your character, getting your garb to match your persona, and having role playing battles that affect our storyline. Dagorhir is really a great outlet for creativity and that need to do something physical.

Another great thing about Dagorhir is that you decide your involvement, if you're mostly interested in just fighting, that's fine, come up with a cool name and leave it at that. If you love role playing, and want to write pages of backstory, that's fine too. Or you can do both, it's really up to you.