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The Noble Order of Stitch Crafters

This order is to promote the skills of costuming and related crafts in Dragonspire. It does not include the making of armor. Achieving the order does not confer any rank or privilege over other members; it is intended to help those with interest in sewing gain greater skill.

This is a crafting achievement; no participation in combat is required.

The candidate

  • 1) Must make two outfits for their own use suitable for Dagorhir events. These should meet the definition of 'Optimal Garb' in the M.O.A. but can, of course, be of any design the candidate desires.
  • 2) Must acquire gear suitable for feasting. A bowl, plate, drinking vessel, fork, knife and spoon. All are to appear as 'non-modern'.
  • 3) Must wear garb at all events for the entire duration of the event.
  • 4) Will design personal heraldry (an emblem) for yourself and make a belt favor (a banner or other display is OK too.)
  • 5) Must make basic garb for another person. You are not obligated to do this for free, you should be asking for compensation for your time and materials. Profit is encouraged.
  • 6) Must make a weapon or shield cover. You are not obligated to do this for free, you should be asking for compensation for your time and materials.
  • 7) Must make a belt favor for a fighter you admire to wear.
  • 8) Must make a belt favor representing each of the realm achievements and one depicting the realm heraldry.
  • 9) Must make a complete outfit for yourself that represents your character. If you are a monster persona it is not an excuse for poor or tattered gear, your clothes should represent a successful and prosperous monster able to acquire good quality equipment.

The tasks are not to be rushed through nor are they to be dawdled over. The purpose is to help the candidate to improve the skills of sewing and clothes making. Once you have completed these tasks you will be entered into the Noble Order of Stitch Crafters and be seen as a leader and teacher of the skills you have learned. You will find that the journey is not over once all tasks have been completed but new challenges will present themselves and others will look to you to meet the expectations and be an example of Dragonspire at its best.

Current Stitch Crafters