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Garb Standards and Borrowing Gear

Dragonspire requires all participants to own and wear garb and equipment. We are willing to loan such gear as is needed to help train and encourage new members for a short period of time. There are some points of courtesy that must be observed when using borrowed equipment:

  • Always ask if something can be borrowed, even if you used it before.
  • Do not count on being allowed the use of any members equipment. It takes time and money to acquire and maintain gear and it is no fun to have it broken, less so if it was by someone else.
  • Never rest the point of a weapon on the ground, it damages the foam and may push the core through.
  • If the owner wants their equipment back return it without hesitation.
  • If you borrowed items, help the owners get them loaded at the end of the day's activities.

We are happy to let potential members use our realms equipment for up to 4 practice sessions. During this time the new member is expected to be acquiring their own equipment. Many members will help you but it is only right that they ask to be paid for their materials and efforts.

After the 4 practice grace period it is required to pay a $1 rental fee to use any single piece of gear that is owned by the realm (loaner weapons). It is up to each member to decide whether to loan their gear freely or charge whatever fee they deem appropriate.

No one is required to loan their equipment to anyone.

Anyone that is not in garb after the grace period is limited to using single blue weapons only. If ANY Dagorhir member that has been participating for more than 3 months shows up without garb they will not be allowed on the battlefield.

Dragonspire also encourages garb for the non-combatants as well. Fighters put a lot of effort and pride into their appearance to help maintain the feel of our fantasy game and it is made better by all members making the same effort.

'Monster' persona is not an excuse for torn tee shirts and otherwise unacceptable garb. If you are a monster then depict yourself as a successful one and put effort into something that will define your monsterness.

Feast Gear

Oft times the member neglects their non-fighting activities, notably feasting. It is required at events to provide your own dishes and utensils. This is to enhance the ambience of the evening's meal. It is also a good idea to have some clean garb on hand to change into, rather than sit next to someone with muddy and smelly cloths (yes even monsters, just because they are ugly does not mean they should not be clean).

The point of all this is so you can, at any time, locate a Dagorhir event anywhere and participate without any hesitation. We train hard and strive for a higher standard in gear to best represent our realm, unit and friends