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A scout is any younger fighter between the ages of 12 to 18.

Combat Limitations for Scout: Archery, Red, and Aggressive Shield work.

These limitations are put in place for safety until the player (scout) proves otherwise.

  • 4 hours of off field Archery to achieve use.
  • Reds require on field training supervised by a veteran.
  • Reds require a basic safety course at practice prior to use.
  • All Courtesy backshots should be taken as if they were solid.
  • Aggressive Shield work is prohibited.
  • Shield rubbing is appropriate.
  • Grappling is prohibited
  • Armor is prohibited

Combat Limitations for a Non-Scout Fighter towards a Scout

  • Aggressive Shield work is prohibited
  • No full force swings
  • Grappling is prohibited
  • All back shots should be out of courtesy to avoid injury.

Requirements of a Scout and Parent(s)

  • Parent must sign a notarized waiver
  • Parent must provide a scout w/ a bottle water and a small snack
  • Mandatory safety equipment in order to participate.
  • Parent must provide scout with safety equipment: Gloves, kneepads, mouth guard, optional safety goggles. No Safety glasses
  • No prescription glasses on the field
  • A Scout Tabard is provided for safety purposes. It provides other fighters with a visual reference so they can safely participate with the scouts on the field.
  • Weapons can be purchased or rented. If you choose to purchase a weapon, they are $10. If you would rather rent a sword week to week it is $1.