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Forming a Unit

Dragonspire, and any Dagorhir realm, is an open door to membership, a home town as it were. So long as everyone abides by the rules of the MoA and does not violate any modern law you are free to participate. Dagorhir is also designed so groups can form units and still be a part of a realm.

A unit is made up of members that want to have a common theme for the battle field. So long as their primary purpose is to support and grow Dagorhir and represent Dragonspire in a positive manner there are few limitations on what sort of internal organization or recruitment criteria a unit can adopt. In order to ensure all members are well grounded in Dagorhir activities and Dragonspire's culture the following requirements have been established.

To be a recognized unit in Dragonspire the petitioners must

  • 1) Have at least three potential unit members (petitioners) with signed waivers on file with Dragonspire.
  • 2) Each petitioner must have earned their Dragon Scale and Wing or Wings.
  • 3) The petitioners must have a distinct emblem or coat of arms that the unit shares and displays regularly.
  • 4) The unit must maintain a presence at the main Dragonspire practice at least once a month.
  • 5) If the unit does not make a showing for 4 months they will be considered disbanded and must petition the realm again to be recognized as a unit of Dragonspire.
  • 6) A simple majority vote of all members present at a local event, practice or meeting is required to approve a new unit's status.
The best advice and practice to ensure your acceptance is to simply have as many of your unit mates as possible participate in Dragonspire practices and events.

Current Units of Dragonspire

  • Dragonguard
  • Spire Reavers