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Your First Time Out
On your first day, you'll be greeted warmly by our members and introduced to the wonderful world of Dagorhir. You won't need to bring anything but yourself; we have extra weapons, and you won't be required to have garb or a persona.

Before you begin fighting, we'll need you (or a parent/guardian, if you're under 18) to sign a release form. You can print one and fill it out ahead of time, fill one out online, or you can pick one up when you get here, but you (or your parent/guardian) must sign it in the presence of an official from Dragonspire. If your parent can't make it to your first practice or event, you may have it notarized. You can find a Notary Public at the local library or school, and most banks will notarize something for free if you have an account with them You can print off a waiver here or fill one out online here.

Once your release form is on file, you can begin. We'll teach you the basic rules and show you the basics of fighting with the Dagorhir equivalent of a shortsword. When you've finished the training, we'll send you out onto the field to experience Dagorhir to the fullest.

Once you have decided to be a regular participant you will need to get your own gear together. We'll give you help if you need it, just ask. By about your fourth parctice you should have your own garb and weapon. At official events here and in other realms garb is required in order to participate.

All participants are expected to have their own equipment, and wear garb while on the field. If you do not have garb, even if you are a vet and just did not bring garb, you will be limited to single blue sword for the day's combats.

Getting Started Checklists

Checklist for First Timers

Read the MoA. Make sure you have read the rules of Dagorhir.
Sign a Waiver. Print out and bring your own or fill one outline.
Review the Realm's Standards.Since you're here anyway, take a moment to get familiar with our realm.
Attend Your First Practice. All you really need to bring is yourself and some water. Hail Hydration!

After Your First Time Out

Start Accumulating Gear.
Other buy some equipment or ask our members about how to make your own.
Start Accumulating Garb.
Start making or buying your first set of garb. Basic garb for starters is fine.
Decide On a Name.
Decide on your fighting name and start thinking of a persona. You can put as little or as much into this as you want.
Attend More Practices.
Keep coming out every week even as you get your own weapons and garb.
Continue Learning.
Continue getting familiar with the rules of Dagorhir and Dragonspire, as well as farthering your fighting acknowledge.

After A Few Practices

Attend Your First Day Event.
Go to your first day long event to get your first real taste of what events are like.
Make More Garb.
Start making better and/or additional garb so that you always have extra. Start considering garb for different weather conditions.
Make More Weapons.
Sooner or later you're going to want more weapons and to try different styles of fighting.
Accumulate Feast Gear.
A set of feast gear consists of a plate, bowl, drinking vessel, and eating utensils, all of period-appropriate materials. You will need these for feasts and events.
Accumulate camping gear.
You'll need things like a tent, sleeping bag, and air mattress for your first weekend event.
Make Feast Garb.
You'll want some clean, fresh garb to wear when attending a feast at an event.
Keep Coming to Practice.
This is the way to make not only yourself great, but our realm as well.
Get Gud, Scrub.